Why we do it

Business is something I do because I love it, so I’m very careful about who I work with. I should only be helping those I know I can. My goal is to work with people I love to hang around, that I get along with and can grow their business really profitably to make sure I justify my cost.

So many people pay too much money based on an unclear promise made after a single 60-minute phone call and are then disappointed. It is not possible to make a genuine assessment with integrity and KNOW with certainty what can be achieved for a business without a deeper look under the hood.

Other consultants make you pay upfront and they overcharge early in the process to compensate for the knowledge they don’t yet have. Imagine paying for a Mercedes and then when it is delivered, although it looks like a Mercedes, under the hood is a VW. Payment is already made and you only realised it because it didn’t blow your hair back like you really wanted. Would you be OK with this?

Aidan Parsons
Founder of Keystone Executive Coaching