Business Coach Advises to Use These Resources to Manage Well-Being

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Are you a small business owner? 

If so, you might be aware of the everyday struggles to maintain your business and push it toward growth. Constantly keeping a healthy mindset and well-being is important to run your business and motivate your team. Moreover, working through different business strategies while maintaining a better relationship with your family and friends can take a toll on your mental health. 

Remember, you are the biggest asset for your business and your team. Hence, maintaining sound mental health is critical for you. However, some days are better than others, and on some days, you might need a little bit of help. 

Just like you would work with a business coach Melbourne to improve the health of your business, you must work with a mental health professional to maintain your mental well-being. 

To make it easier for you, we have listed a few online resources to get immediate access to mental health support for small business owners

My Business Health

This initiative is originally started by Australian Small Business and Family Ombudsman (ASBFEO) and receives support from Beyond Blue. 

The resource is meant for small business owners to have access to templates, tools, and strategies to manage their mental health and business health effectively. The initiative recognizes the impact of mental health on business growth. Hence, the tools offered ensure you have the right ammunition to work for business growth while maintaining good mental health. 

Beyond Blue and associated initiatives

Beyond Blue is one of the major online mental health support outlets to reach out to if you need help. 

For the past 20 years, Beyond Blue has provided mental health support to individuals across Australia. They aim to work with 3 strategies, including promoting mental health and well-being support, providing accurate mental health information, and preventing suicide. 

When it comes to small business owners, Beyond Blue offers 2 initiatives. These initiatives are targeted to help small business owners like you maintain mental health. 

NewAccess for Small Business Owners

One of our business advisor Adelaide suggests NewAccess for Small Business Owners, a confidential and free mental health support and coaching program by Beyond Blue. 

While using this initiative, you will work closely with a mental health coach to discuss your current mental health struggles and create a plan to manage them. You will also get 5 follow-up sessions to review your mental health progress, learn more about managing mental health and provide support. 

Supporting Small Business Owners

Another initiative created by Beyond Blue is to help people and employees around the small business owners to support the ones they work with. 

Long working hours, customer requests, managing stakeholder expectations, social isolation, and more can have detrimental effects on your mental health. Moreover, it can also affect the business’s health. 

While for business health, you can connect with a business coach, for mental health support, you can get a guide from this Beyond Blue initiative. You can get answers and knowledge to questions such as symptoms of poor mental health, who to contact immediately, steps to help small business owners to act, and more. 

Ahead for Business

The federal government develops and funds this initiative to provide tools and training to small business owners and employees to maintain mental health. 

Ahead for Business offers a well-being training program for free. The training program provides small business owners and employees a chance to increase the knowledge, practices, and skills to handle mental health challenges for themselves and the workplace. 

The training program also provides a pathway for small business owners helping them develop a psychologically safe and mentally healthy environment in the workplace. 

Apart from taking help from these resources, you can also have certain mental health support practices. As suggested by our business advisor Melbourne, here’s what you can do. 

  • Make sure to spend some time with your friends and family. Be intentional about it. 
  • Disconnect from electronic devices for a short period regularly. 
  • Make sure you have a guideline to help you keep business and personal time separate. Do so for your employees too. 
  • Make sure to take short breaks or holidays. 

Wrap it Up

Maintaining your mental health is essential to ensure good personal and business well-being. Small business owners can take help from these resources to ensure they stay on top of their mental health in tough times. 

At Keystone Executive Coaching, we emphasized maintaining good mental health in our business coaching Australia programs. Our programs are meant to help small business owners take action steps for business functions such as marketing, sales, human resources, and more, including improving their interpersonal skills and mental health. 

Contact our team to find out more.

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