Business Consultant Melbourne Explains Impact of Logo Design on Start-Up Success

Business Consultant Melbourne

Are you a start-up business? Or have you been around for a while as a small business? 

In both cases, business growth and success are essential to ensure your business moves ahead of the competition. 

Now, several factors influence the growth and success of your business. This includes market fit, types of products and services, customer personas, and branding. 

Among all these factors, branding is critical for any small business or start-up to ensure success and connection with potential customers. Think of bigger brands like McDonald’s or KFC and more. These brands have strong branding, which heavily relies on the brand logo. 

You can very easily spot the golden arches of McDonald’s from anywhere, whether it is printed in a magazine or near one of their outlets. This simple example shows that having a striking brand logo can make a huge difference in establishing your brand in the market. 

To ensure we got the best information on the importance of logo design for branding, we sat down with our business consultant Melbourne. Here’s what they had to say. 

Importance of Brand Logo

As a small business or start-up organization, you want to create a strong presence in the market and build a memorable connection with your potential audience. Your brand logo must help you achieve the same effectively. Here’s why an impactful brand logo is important for your business. 

  • Creating a Brand Identity

Amongst a pool of several small businesses and start-ups, you want to create a striking brand identity for your business. A brand logo that depicts your brand’s mission, vision, values, and personality can ensure you create a stronger brand identity. 

A robust brand identity will help you connect with your customers effectively while making sure they return to your business for products and services time and again. 

  • Brand Recognition

You want your customers to identify your brand just by its logo. And having an effective brand logo can give your small business impactful brand recognition. Global Trends developed an Ipsos Report, which concluded that more than 73% of customers tend to buy products from the brands they recognize. 

  • Differentiation

As mentioned above, the brand logo will help you stand out amongst your competition. Brand logos help you develop a memorable and creative visual identity for your brand. As mentioned above, with the example of McDonalds, the simple yet creative design of the brand logo makes it stand out amongst other fast-food chains. 

Three Factors to Consider When Developing a Brand Logo

Apart from emphasizing the importance of brand logos, our business consultant also highlights three factors to consider when developing a brand logo.

  • Simplicity

Brand logos with simple designs have always been successful such as the simple golden arches of McDonald’s, the simple brand logo of Canva, and more. Hence, small businesses or start-ups must ensure their brand logo is simple yet creative. 

Simple logos are easy to remember and recognize. A simple brand logo also adapts to different marketing contexts and market trends. Hence, try to reduce the clutter and use minimal components to develop your brand logo. 

  • Relevance

Brand logos must be relevant to the target market, audience, and their requirements. A brand logo must effectively depict the industry’s current values, vision, and mission. 

To create a relevant brand logo, it is important to research the market, the audience, and their preferences. 

  • Timeless

Brand logos must be timeless. They mustn’t be affected by changing design trends or fads. Hence, as a small business or start-up, you need to avoid logo design trends that are usually short-lived.

A timeless brand logo is simple, creative, and relevant. It can fit into changing marketing contexts and expand the target audience. Taking from our previous example of the McDonald’s logo, the golden arches have been with the brand since its beginning making it a timeless brand logo. Although the design trends have changed, the golden arches have been relevant and connected with the audience effectively. 

Wrapping It Up

As a small business or start-up, you need to ensure constant growth and success. And having a simple, relevant, and timeless brand logo can make all the difference. 

If you want to know more about branding and other aspects of running your small business effectively, get in touch with us at Keystone Executive Coaching. Our business consultant Australia can coach you on different business functions such as finance, sales, marketing, branding, and more. 

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