Do you just need more clients?

Q: Do we really need an 18 point business appraisal? We just need help getting new clients.

Some of our clients are alarmed when we suggest an 18 point appraisal of their business. Their first reaction is “Do we really need all that?”

Just “needing more clients” sounds simple enough but what’s the real issue?

Do you need a one-off batch of new clients?
Do you need a more consistent cash-flow?
Do you need a lead generation system?
Do you need a system for closing sales?
Do your salespeople need training to close more sales?
Do you (as the owner) need to free up more time for marketing & sales?

As you can see, no solution makes sense before proper diagnosis.

In this 4min Q&A video, I speak about:

  • Treatment before diagnosis is malpractice
  • Why a set program or course may not get results
  • How we diagnose issues

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