Google My Business (GMB) Will Boost Your Marketing

Google My Business (GMB) Will Boost Your Marketing

Appealing to a larger audience is critical for the success of any business. And Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the digital marketing strategies that can help you achieve this goal. 

However, bringing customers to your local stores is important to generate leads and increase the conversion rate. And hence, you must equally focus on local SEO strategies. One of the ways you can boost your local marketing efforts is by setting up your Google My Business (GMB) page. 

Google My Business started in June 2014 and, since then, has come a long way with its own unique features. And the best part is, it is absolutely free to use! So, with minimal effort, you can set up your GMB page and start promoting your business locally. 

But what information should you provide to set up your GMB page effectively? 

Let’s find out!

Information to Provide When Setting Up Google My Business Page

  • Business Information

While setting up your GMB, you must have your business information handy. Have your current and correct business name, address, contact information such as email address, phone number, social media handles, and more critical information ready. Make sure to fill opening and closing hours of your business. 

If you already have a GMB page, you must review it, as Google keeps adding new features. For example, you can specify business features like women-led businesses; they have a Covid section, and more. Also, be specific about your business location. Most businesses serve multiple regions; hence, make sure to keep your location on point specifying your service areas. You must use Google Maps to accurately fill in the location. 

  • GMB Description

Your GMB page will have space for a description, just like your social media handles do. The word count is around 1500 words; however, you must stick to a description of 150-200 words. If you intend to add a blog to your GMB page, you can provide a little blog intro and then prompt the reader to click on “Learn More” or “Know More” to read the whole blog. 

The description also provides you a chance to give a call-to-action (CTAs). You can use CTAs to take the potential customer to your website, a specific page (such as a service page), or allow them quickly to buy the item, and more. All of this is absolutely free to set up!

  • Reviews

Most people these days shop online, and hence they rely on online reviews of former customers to make a purchasing decision. Hence, don’t neglect the reviews. Your GMB page will have a designated space to provide reviews. Any customer who comes to your stand-in store or online store, prompt them to give an online review. 

Take a look at both positive and negative reviews. Respond to those reviews appropriately. This will greatly help your GMB page and, thus, your business. 

  • Insights

Your GMB page will offer insights into how your page is performing. It will also provide you with a quick analysis of common keywords people use to find your business or similar business. You can now use this information to your benefit. 

Use the most popular keywords offered by Google Analytics and add them to your business description, call-to-action buttons, product description, and more such information. The more popular search keywords you have, the higher the chances of your Google business listing page ranking at the top in the local search.

  • Photos or Videos

Google My Business page provides you with the features to upload videos and photos. You can use this to your advantage by uploading photos and videos that showcase your business in a positive light. 

Use photos and videos that show the “face” of your business. It must include you, your storefront, you and your team working with customers, your team displaying the services or products offered by your business, and more. 

Remember, Google will randomly crawl and select photos to be displayed on your GMB page. Hence, make sure you upload high-quality photos with relevant information and lesser text. You can upload photos of up to 720×720 resolution. Stick to this specification. While naming your photo file name, make sure to include keywords. 

  • Set up the “Message” feature

You can use your GMB page to set up a “send message” feature for your customers. You might have to download an app from the App Store or Google Play store to set up this feature. 

Once you set up this feature, your potential customers will be able to contact you directly by sending you a message. You can interact with them, answer their questions, and inform them about your current range of products and services. And setting up this feature is absolutely free!

  • Website URL

Don’t forget to add a website URL, especially if you have a website. If you haven’t developed a website yet, make sure you do. Your business website will act as the first point of contact for your customers, and you can make a memorable impression through it. Hence, set up a business website and provide the website URL on your GMB page. 

Tips to Boost Your Marketing Using GMB Page

Once you have set up your GMB page, you can use it to boost your marketing and sales effectively. 

  • While setting up your GMB page, don’t skip the step to “verify” with Google. GMB page is meant to boost your local SEO efforts. Verifying it with Google allows the search engine to learn that it is a local business and will display it when a potential customer searches for it. 
  • Make sure to upload content to your GMB page regularly. For example, update your photos, videos, GMB page description, product information, and more critical information. 
  • As mentioned above, online reviews play an important part in the purchasing behaviour of customers. Hence, don’t ignore them. Respond to the reviews. 
  • Always make sure to check your insights to know about the latest top keywords. Try to include these keywords in your GMB page description and anywhere you put relevant business content.
  • Don’t copy content! Make sure to always add fresh and new content regarding your business. 
  • When you develop your marketing plan, make sure to always have GMB as a part of your strategy. GMB will help your business get recognized locally. 
  • Always update your GMB content. Check your content quarterly and update it accordingly. Google doesn’t like outdated content. 

The more active you are on your GMB page, content creation, and more such marketing efforts, Google will shower you with its love and put your business at the top of the search. 

Wrap it Up

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most influential strategies to increase sales and boost your local business marketing. Hence, don’t ignore setting up the GMB page for your business. It will do wonders for your business! 

If you want to know more and get insights into boosting your business marketing efforts, you can get in touch with us at Keystone Executive Coaching. We are passionate and determined to assist businesses struggling to make an identity in the market. We have strategically developed training programs that will help you work on specific business weaknesses and strengths to boost your growth. 

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