Hire a Business Coach: 10 Things You Should Look For

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Are you transitioning from being just a founder of your business to a leader? If so, it is the best time to hire a professional business coach in Australia

As a small business owner, you will experience the new challenges a little differently than someone who is experienced. In fact, there might be several challenges you might not even anticipate. In such a case, having someone experienced to guide you in the right direction will be highly beneficial. 

But how do you know you have hired the right business coach for yourself and your business? 

Here are 10 things to look for before to ensure you hire a business coach who guides you accurately and helps you become not just a business owner but also a leader. 

A business coach who holds you accountable

Accountability of tasks is essential to ensure they get completed to derive the desired results. Hence, you must find a coach who emphasizes accountability for tasks and decisions. 

A business coach must hold you accountable to achieve your business goals and mission early on in the journey. It is possible only when the coach periodically follows up with you on the implementation of tasks or strategies to get the desired results. 

So, find someone who makes you feel accountable rather than someone who practices “said and forget”. 

A business coach who shares the same mindset and chemistry

Every business coach is different and will have a different mindset to tackle different aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. 

However, you must find a business coach matching your mindset and chemistry. Hence, don’t be scared to ask questions. Understand each aspect of how a business coach can help you grow your small business. Understand if they match your energy and enthusiasm about things you want to improve in your small business owner journey. 

A business coach with opposing strengths

It is said that to improve the outward aspects of your life, you need to start looking inward. The same holds when you look for a business coach. 

Start by looking inwards and recognizing the areas you want to improve as a small business owner. Those areas are your weaknesses. Now, find a business coach who can help you work on those weaknesses. It will be possible only when your weaknesses turn out to be strengths of the business coach. Now, with the right knowledge and experience in the area, the business coach can help you turn your weakness into strengths. 

A business coach who is honest with you

As a small business owner, you might not know everything about running a business and overcoming challenges effectively. However, having a business coach who empathizes with you and gives you a dose of honesty when needed is highly crucial. 

A business coach must be able to call you out on your entrepreneurial mistakes to prevent you from jeopardizing your business. Listen to all the early experience stories of your business coach to understand whether they are the right fit for you or not. 

A business coach who teaches with an example

Find a business coach Adelaide who can teach you with an example. 

Most business coaches you find these days will blurt out the management best practices to follow with no real-time examples to get inspiration or guidance from. This will never be beneficial for you in the long run because you still wouldn’t know what to do! 

A good business coach who shows you how something is done will be the best choice. Now, you have an ideal example in front of you to take guidance and inspiration from and better implement for your business. 

A business with the best interests of you and your business

Business coaches can give you a lot of advice. But the right business coach is the one who has the best interests of your company and for you as a small business owner. 

You need to hire a business coach whose level of commitment is not just limited to giving you advice. Instead, they must be committed to helping you bring success and growth to your business and yourself as a small business owner. 

A business coach who welcomes failures

Failure is not the end of the journey. It is a pit stop for you to take a step back and learn from your mistakes to do better in the future. 

A business coach who talks openly about their failures will be more welcoming of failures in your entrepreneurial journey. And they won’t make you feel ashamed of those failures. Instead, they will help you find the lesson to be learned from the failure, improve on it in the future and get effective business and entrepreneurial growth. 

A business coach who is a “mentor”

It is not just about finding a coach but about finding a business mentor Brisbane. Find a business coach who can take you not just as a client but as a mentee and show you the ropes of running a business effectively. 

A business coach who is also a mentor will provide your guidance based on issues they have encountered and learned from in the past. A mentor always has the best interest of their mentee. 

A business coach who helps you organize your thoughts

Several business coaches will straightaway jump into giving your business advice and telling you what to do and what not to do. 

However, a good business coach can help you organize your thoughts first, bring out your best thinking and help boost your problem-solving skills. A business coach must not overpower you or your gut instinct. Instead, they should complement you and help you trust your gut instincts. 

A business coach who is objective and trustworthy

Sometimes small business owners hesitate to discuss certain things with business coaches to not raise any “red flags”. 

However, a business coach who is objective and trustworthy would be open to listening to those concerns without any judgment. They will also help you develop self-awareness and emotional awareness and help you better navigate the challenges of the business world. 

Wrap it Up

Finding a business coach who ensures your best interests as an entrepreneur and assists you in business growth is critical to developing a successful business in the long run. 

If you are looking for a business coach Melbourne, you can get in touch with us at Keystone Executive Coaching. We have a team of experienced business coaches who can work alongside you and help you overcome any challenges in the business world. 

You can get an initial consultation with us and determine if we are the right fit for you and your business. 

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