Think Like a Leader - Mechanic vs Driver

It's crucial that you learn to shift your mindset from being your business’ mechanic to its driver. Here's why.
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Mechanic vs. Driver

Guys, I want to talk a little bit about the oil of a business, the thing that makes a business grow, the thing that makes a business move. This is the mindset of the business owner, this is the mindset of the entrepreneur. The concept I want to bring to the fore here is one that's pretty important.

You see, when people build a business, they’re building a vehicle. Consider it like building a car, perhaps a ship or something that's going to take them from where they are, to where they want to go. To build that, they have to be a mechanic. They have to be an engineer. They do everything: they shape the metal, they build the cogs, they put ‘em all in place, they drive the crank, they fire the engine, they do everything. But the necessity of building a quality engine means the business owner must fully commit to being the mechanic.

Now that’s good for a little while but eventually, they need to become a driver. They need to get out of the engine, stop pushing the pistons with their hands, and get into the driver’s seat. You see, that's the difference between your business owning you and you owning your business. Business is something that is supposed to allow you to live the life you want, not something that should dictate how you live your life. When you sit in the driver’s seat, you want to be able to see profitability, the fuel tank, the speedometer,  the revs, the GPS of where you’re going, knowing that the engine itself is firing perfectly. Clear the windscreen and be able to see the road ahead.

And when you do this, when you have the mindset of a driver, as opposed to a mechanic, you can drive faster, for longer, more efficiently and easier. And this is one key component of taking your business from a practical application to a business that allows you to live your life the way you want. And it's something that I love doing. Given the fact that I’m paid only when my clients hit their outcome, this is so important for the success of a business' growth. So if you'd like to see how I do it or if you'd like to see if it'd be a fit for you, I would love to hear from you. Speak soon!

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