Focus - Move One Thing, Not Everything

What is the one thing that, done phenomenally well, will improve everything about your business? Let’s figure that out.
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Move One Thing, Not Everything

So guys, look, I'm a business coach and at the end of the day, as much as I can talk about things that I think I do, people pay me money to make their business grow, and if it doesn't grow, I don't get paid. So, one of the things that are just completely essential to this, the simple fact is it's systems. It's building effective systems. What I want to talk to you about is, the number one thing you need to do when you're looking to practically grow your business.

Business owners are already busy and working with someone like me can often be a bit overwhelming. So it's not about moving everything, it's about moving the one thing that is the right thing well, that improves everything. And this is where so many people who go to develop their business get it wrong. You’re already running your business, it’s already growing, so don't worry about changing everything.

The question you need to ask is, "If I chose only one thing to improve and I improved it phenomenally well, what would that one thing have to be, in order to improve everything, overall?" And when you find out what that is, then you can start to strategically improve your business. So don't rush into that decision, take the time to figure that out.  Personally, it takes about 30 days when I work with a client to work that one out. We must know that that is the correct thing. If we don’t, business development won’t work and I don't get paid. Look, if you ever want to find out what it could be for you, I would love to hear from you. Speak soon!

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