People Buy You, Not Your Product

This advice may go against the grain, but when you market, try not to focus so much on products and features and benefits.
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People Buy You, Not the Product

So, marketing is a pretty interesting conversation to have these days, especially because it’s just gone through this light-speed acceleration over the past 10-15 years.

One of the things that really kind of makes a difference in good marketing and bad marketing is how you approach it. Too many people focus on marketing as sharing a message. The object of marketing is to build trust, to help people feel like they can trust you, so much so that they can then know what you do and feel comfortable to approach you.

Now, when you market yourself or market your business, one of the best things you can do to build your marketing efficiently is let people know that they’re buying you; they're buying who you are, they're buying what you stand for and why you've built your business.

When people experience marketing, they want to experience you, so they can trust you.

Because your business is simply just a reflection of you. So try not to focus so much on products and features and benefits, and focus on the things that make you unique, why the customers buy from you, why you get along with your mates, the things that you do that make you you are the same reasons customers will  come and buy from you.

A nice example of this is, I worked with a construction company in New South Wales and when this guy shared the fact that he loves working with his son, just playing with him--he's a two-year-old, and they played pretend hammer and nails--he got a significantly larger increase in lead generation purely because people could buy from him, not his company. So, have a look at your marketing, see how you’re sharing who you are and how your business is an extension of you, and watch how it improves. I'd be excited to hear the results. Speak soon.

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