Get Your Sales Pitch Right - Sell the Outcome

People don’t spend a lot of money on a watch because it tells the time. Here’s the secret that separates businesses that consistently sell and those that don’t.
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Sell the Outcome

So, the first thing that I want to talk about here is sales, and when I'm talking about sales, it’s the whole misconception that  happens when people go to sell something. Look, my whole business model is, I don’t get paid in full until my clients hit their financial outcomes. A huge component of that is getting their sales right. What I’m about to share with you is probably the first thing I share with a client in the first couple of weeks of working with their sales team and refining their sales system.

It's probably the universal quantifier in accelerating sales.

Human beings, when they buy something, they do not buy the item. They buy the outcome of the item. So what that means is, don’t sell the item, sell the outcome of the item. People don’t buy watches or spend a lot of money on a watch because it tells the time. People spend a large amount of money on a watch because of how it makes them feel, what it means to them as a person to wear it, who they become when they own it.

Construction is the most obvious example. Human beings do not make the biggest purchase of their life because they’re buying bricks and mortar, and they’re not doing that because they want to buy a house. They're doing it because they want to buy a home. And builders go around, I see them, just quoting, just throwing numbers at their customers. The difference you make in a construction company or in any trade, happens when you stop selling numbers and quotes, and you start selling the outcome. Instead of building a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house,you sell a home that mum and dad can come home to at night and relax, that’s easy to clean and they know that their kids can be safe and have their friends around, that they can entertain people in, that's what people buy.

And that's the difference between a sale or not. It's also the difference of a couple of thousand, probably tens of thousands of dollars in construction. So stop selling the item and what you think they want; sell the outcome that the client wants and take the time to show them that you can provide it. Take the time to find out what that outcome is that they want, and when you do that, then they'll buy. And everyone else looks like a chump.

If you take the time to find out exactly what they want, not the item, they'll buy. And then help them to trust that you are the person to do it. Start selling outcomes, stop selling items, and just watch your sales move.  

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