Leadership Development - Lead Your Tribe or Lose It

For your business to take off, you must be the chief of your tribe and you’ll need to be ready to overcome these 5 leadership challenges.
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You Need to Lead the Tribe

Most businesses are made up of a person that's kind of leading the show, usually the business owner, and then a bunch of people helping him. The best metaphor I can give you for this is: Consider your business a tribe. You're the chief and your staff around you are your tribal members. If you want to take your business somewhere, if you wanna change it, grow it, increase it, sharpen it, become more outgoing with it, whatever it needs to be, you need to lead the tribe. You must be the chief of the tribe.

If the chief walked up to tribe and said, "Hey guys, I think we're gonna go over here, maybe," the tribe aren't really gonna be too keen to follow. They'll only follow what they can trust. So if you want your team to follow you, if you want to build a team that champions you and backs you up, you must be someone that can be championed and can be backed up. You must show them that you're someone that can be trusted, that has a vision that is clear, that knows where the food is, that knows where the water is, that knows where the shelter and the fire and everything else is. And the security.

When you do that, your tribe will follow you. So, if you're trying to get your team to move in a direction with you, if you’re just struggling to get them engaged, I would encourage you to have a look at how you’re leading your tribe. But even better would be, jump on the phone and have a chat. I love talking about this stuff, it's my bread-and-butter, and it’s what I do every day. So, it would be great to hear from you. Speak soon.

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