Marketing Masterclass - Mind Your Own Marketing

Paying someone else to do marketing doesn’t mean it’s going to work. Learn to excel at marketing your own business.
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Mind Your Own Marketing

Marketing Masterclass

So, owning a business is one thing, but marketing your business is another. I see this happen all the time. Business owners want more leads, so they hire a marketer. Or they pay for marketing. Now, the mistake with this is, quite often when you buy marketing, you buy the action of marketing, not the outcome of marketing, which is obviously in your business. So be careful. If you are willing to pay someone else to do marketing for you, that doesn't mean it’s gonna work. So I have a rule, personally: In all of my businesses and the businesses that I work with, I encourage the business owner to be the marketer for their business.

They always have been, just in a personal sense, in building relationships or in ventures that they've gone through. A business owner is a marketer for their business. First and foremost, they must accept that and secondly, they must excel at it. The moment a business owner gives away their ability to create new work for their business, they are incredibly vulnerable. So every business owner, first and foremost, is a marketer, and secondly, they must excel at it.

When you've done that, you can replicate, expand, scale your business quickly and really, really effectively. So if you wanna have a look at how to do that for your business, I'd love to have a chat. It's something that's so integral in the success of my clients. It would be great to hear from you. Speak soon.


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