Run Your Business During Disruption with 5 Tips from Business Coach

Run Business During Disruption

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is to understand that disruption of life and business can happen at any time. And if we aren’t prepared, we can lose a lot more than just money, especially for businesses. Now, it doesn’t have to be a pandemic disrupting a business.

It can be as small as damage to your premises to as big as a market crash. Now, you might think to lay low and wait until the disruption conditions dissolve is a good idea. However, for small businesses, this can mean shutting down.

And as a small business owner, you certainly can’t afford that! The best way to ensure your small business stays afloat is to stay on top of the disruption by strengthening your brand.

Here are 5 tips from a business coach Adelaide to run your business during disruption effectively.

Go Digital

Earlier, it might not have been critical for your business to have social media profiles or a digital marketing strategy; however, since the pandemic, people have realized the power of going digital.

As mentioned above, you don’t need a business disruption to go digital. Instead, digital marketing must be part of your marketing strategies to ensure you reach the target audience.

Having business profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can allow you to come in close contact with your target audience. It can help you develop trust through shared ownership. Hence, going digital is one of the first steps to strengthening your brand during a business disruption.

Content Creation

Building your social media profiles is not the end of going digital. It is time to start creating attractive and entertaining content for your digital audience. You can use complementary and original content to post on your social media profiles. The content must be humorous and highlight your business’s human side. 

You must showcase your products effectively. Any professional business mentor Sydney would suggest you come up with creative ideas to present your products to the audience. They will also ask you to provide a call to action for the audience to prompt them to take the next step. 

Check Your Delivery Services

During a business disruption, you need to innovate and get creative. This also includes thinking of other options to deliver your services and products. 

For example, earlier, your customers would come to your store to buy the products. But now you can start taking orders online or through WhatsApp and offer home delivery. Or you can provide online tutorials or create a Facebook group for customers to share their experiences. 

Depending on your business type and services, start looking for new ways to deliver your services and products. 

Create User-Generated Content

Utilize the power of community by involving your audience in content creation. This is also known as user-generated content. 

When you harness the power of your target audience to create content, they trust your brand and feel as if they are a part of it. This naturally makes them advocate for your brand. For example, ask your audience to provide a review of the product while using a specific hashtag. You can also provide gift hampers to those whose review videos get more views, likes, or shares. This will help you create user-generated content to strengthen your brand. 

User-generated content is similar to word-of-mouth recommendations. Any small business coach will emphasize the usage of user-generated content to ensure brand presence. 

Stay Connected

Staying connected with your customers is essential during times of disruption. Especially those who have stayed with you since the beginning of your small business. This will help you bounce back when things return to normal. 

Stay connected with your customers via social media accounts, websites, print ads, newsletters, and more. 

Wrap it Up

Business disruption can happen at any time. However, you must be prepared to find new ways to strengthen your brand and stay connected with your customers. 

If you want more insight into how to stay afloat during business disruption, get in touch with us at Keystone Executive Coaching. We offer business coaching in Australia to small business owners who want to improve critical business functions to achieve growth. 

Contact our team to find out more. 

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