Keystone Sales Accelerator

No market hates a pushy sale more than the Australian marketplace.

After designing countless high performance sales systems in Europe, Asia and the US I can guarantee that poor sales in Australia results in two things:

Lost revenue generation

Damaged market awareness

Simply put, the Australian market place is a rich one, yet it is completely intolerant of pushy, unprofessional or lazy sales.

It is for this reason I designed the Keystone Sales Accelerator.

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    The Keystone Sales Accelerator bespoke process for individuals and organisations to design and install:

    • High converting sales systems
    • Motivated sales cultures
    • Autonomous and innovative sales leadership

    Whether you have a sales system that has started to slow, or you have simply never taken the effort to nurture your sales process I can guarantee that you will see a massive improvement in your sales performance through engaging in our Sales Accelerator.

    We are so confident in the success of the sales Accelerator that do not expect to be paid in full until you full reap the benefits of the improved sales process.

    If you are genuine about treating your sales as a skill and willing to do the work, please enter your details below and we will be in touch. Given the high degree of detail and focus required to correctly design a sales system spaces are limited.

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    What others are saying

    Health Clinic – From Near-Burnout to a More Vital Practice


    An owner of a small-business goes from zero-profit burnout to total control over the business, which is now a strong financial asset, all from a high-reward, low-risk position.

    Hours invested in business per week65+40+

    Key Metrics

    • Total Investment in Keystone: $36,000 (Paid after achieving target)
    • Percentage ROI on Revenue: 1600%
    • Percentage ROI on Profit: 770%

    Fabrication – Stepping Back to Save a Family Business


    A sales director keeps his family’s metal fabrication business from joining a growing list of such businesses for sale in Australia. Here’s how the great turnaround happened.

    Hours invested in business per week75+50+

    Key Metrics

    • Total Investment in Keystone: $36,000 (paid after achieving target)
    • Percentage ROI on Revenue: 667%
    • Percentage ROI on Profit: 224%

    Builder – Personal Tragedy to Profitable Stability


    A young Carpenter with a beautiful family is struck by absolute tragedy and left to raise his young family alone and save his failing business

    Hours invested in business per week65+30+

    Key Metrics

    • Total Investment in Keystone: $36,000 (Paid only after achieving success indicators)
    • Percentage ROI on Profit: 1055%

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