Small Business Coaching Services

Find the Way Forward With Small Business Coaching Services

Small Business Coaching Services

How do you evaluate the potential usefulness of small business coaching services and their impact on your management style?

Owning and operating an independent small business is a dream widely shared among many people across Australia. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here, but passion is only one part of the recipe for success, as many business owners have discovered. The stress and anxiety that accompany false starts, setbacks, and poor performance can make you question why you ever began in the first place — but they shouldn’t make you quit altogether. Through business coaching, you may be able to find the right way forward to hit your targets and achieve growth while leaving behind the bad habits that hold back your business.

At Keystone Executive Coaching, we stand out among business coaching companies not only because of our experience and insight, but because we firmly hold to the fundamental difference in our service: no results, no fee. If we can’t help you meet the targets we determine together, you’ll never pay our full fee — because why should you pay for something you didn’t receive?

There is a lot to consider about taking on a business coach, and like some owner-operators, you may feel reluctant to bring someone else into the fold. Let’s consider everything you need to know about these services and explore why we’re the right choice for you.

Signs You Should Invest in Business Coaching Services

Small Business Coaching Services

First things first: how can you tell when this kind of investment of time and money will be worth your time? Not every business owner can benefit from working with an online business coach, and it is part of why we are selective about our partners. However, if you spot any of the following signs, it is a safe bet that you should at least consider contacting us:

  • You sink dozens of hours into your business every week, leaving you little time for yourself or the opportunity to focus on the big picture. Where’s the joy in owning a business if you give it your all and get little in return?
  • Your revenue has reached a stagnation point, and you are not taking home as much profit as you had hoped. Perhaps your sales techniques aren’t as sharp as necessary, or you’re having trouble figuring out how to generate reliable leads.
  • You feel like you are not fully in control of your business. As a founder and owner, you should always be in the driver’s seat, not just a mere passenger to your company’s evolution. Coaching services could help you to learn how to get back behind the wheel.

Problems You Can Address With Business Management Coaching

Small Business Coaching Services

Our service aims to provide you with concrete strategies for improving the business and real insights into how to correct the “leaks” in your business model that cost too much money. Over our years in business, we’ve honed in on how to identify and work to fix many of the most common problems we see among entrepreneurs. Some of the issues we may be able to correct include:

  • Incomplete profit realisation. Are there opportunities for sales you’ve missed? How can you bring in more reliable leads? We’ll determine how to approach such questions together.
  • Feelings of burnout and loss of passion caused by complex business operations. When owning a business becomes overwhelming instead of rewarding, it’s time to look for a fundamental fix.
  • Uncertainty about how to best organise your business for success and questions about reaching your goal state. Ultimately, you should be able to rely on the business as a stable form of income, shepherding it to successes without becoming so bogged down in daily work that you cannot give the company room to grow.

Common Mistakes People in Australia Make With Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching Services

There are many business coaching companies out there, many of whom will make grandiose claims about what’s possible with absolute certainty. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs. have experiences with these providers that leave them unsatisfied. What are some of the typical errors business owners make with these services that you should avoid?

  • Believing that you must pay someone for their services upfront before they’ve begun to think about how to help your business. How many other services would you pay for without ever seeing the results? You shouldn’t have to agree to make an investment sight-unseen.
  • Accepting only vague promises of results without seeing concrete evidence of success from your coach’s efforts. You should be able to explore clear examples of when your service provider helped others in your position achieve success.
  • Paying so much that your overall ROI on the service is unimpressive. If you’re paying for someone’s help, shouldn’t they able to deliver results that make the entire experience more worthwhile? While success is never a guarantee in life, your expenditure on coaching services should make sense for your business, too.

What You Should Know About the Best Business Coaches

Small Business Coaching Services

Understanding what not to do is important, but knowing how to find someone you can trust to work with you on business improvement is even more critical. The best coaches will be easier to see, and the difference in the level of service readily apparent. What attributes do these coaches have?

  • Excellent organisational skills and the ability to clearly explain how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Though this sounds basic, it’s all too easy to rely on jargon and lead to confusion when providing coaching.
  • The confidence to delay full payment until you begin to see the results of their service working on your business’s bottom line. A coach that knows how to help you will understand that their reward will come through seeing you hit your targets.
  • Compassion and friendliness, because this isn’t purely a business transaction — it is a kind of temporary partnership. Just as large ships require tugboats to navigate in and out of port, your business coach is a supporting factor that keeps you pointed in the right direction.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Professional Coaching Services?

At Keystone Executive Coaching, we’re proud to say that we tick every box listed above and then some. Striving to stand apart by offering the best sales training, we’ve differentiated our service with distinction. Here’s how we stand out:

  • Our fee policies. Many coaches are happy to take your money upfront, content with over-promising and under-delivering. Our pay-on-results policy is friendlier to our clients and makes more sense for your business.
  • Our exceptional success rates. Outlined below, the statistics about our success are hard to deny and even harder to overstate. We’re proud to say that we get them across the finish line when we choose to work with a client in virtually every case.
  • Our commitment to our clients. From checking in on how you’re doing personally to providing a clearer plan of action for your business, we take our supporting role seriously.

Statistics About Our Pay On Results Business Coaching You Should Know

Let’s explore more deeply what makes Keystone the right option for your business. By looking at the numbers our business puts up working with clients, it becomes clear that we offer a more valuable and more engaging service to our clients. Here are the numbers to know:

  • 930%. That’s the average ROI that our clients experience when completing a coaching program under our guidance. You can see the exact numbers from some of our recent efforts in our case studies.
  • 96%. Our overall success rate working with clients. We don’t sell our services to clients who aren’t in the right position to benefit from them yet. As a result, when you partner with us, you can trust in nearly guaranteed results.
  • $800,000,000+. The total amount of revenue our clients have generated over time following the use of our services. With nearly a billion dollars in value created, it’s tough to argue with our results.
  • $300,000,000+. The amount of profit we’ve put back into our clients’ pockets. Your slice of the pie is waiting, too.

About the Professional Staff At Keystone Executive Coaching

When you choose to engage our coaching business, who will work with you on formulating plans for success? A quick look at the talent behind our business will provide you with a preview of what to expect while making it clear that we’re dedicated to your success.

  • Our founder and business coach is Aidan Parsons, a passionate provider of business insight with years of experience and a friendly positive attitude towards supporting our clients’ goals.
  • Integrity is the most fundamental value to our team. We don’t sell pleasant fictions to our clients, and we don’t offer our services if we aren’t certain we’ll be able to help. Honesty is always our policy when communicating with clients.
  • We’ve had our own successes, and now we want to help others achieve them, too. We look forward to becoming a part of your story soon.

We don’t charge our full executive coaching fee until our clients hit their financial targets. Simple, fair, effective.

Too many people are looking for support in their business but find themselves facing advisors that:

  • Charge big fees
  • Expect payment upfront
  • Offer no guarantee that the outcome will be achieved

What Can You Expect From Our Business Coaching?

What will it be like working with our business? With several different packages designed to suit varying levels of need among entrepreneurs and business owners, the experience will differ based on which you select. We also tailor and customise our efforts to align with every client we choose to work with, so you can trust in personalised service. Here’s what to anticipate:

  • A 12-month strategy for growth. With a long-term plan, you’ll be able to visualise where you want to take the company and then enjoy the ride getting there.
  • A sales accelerator program for those who want a more focused service. When sales are your main issue, we can deliver a highly targeted program designed to boost your sales in as small a window as possible.
  • Close contacts, regular check-ins, and clear guidance, so you never feel as though you’ve been left in the dark.

Key Questions to Ask Keystone Executive Coaching About Business Development Ideas

Some of the most productive conversations we have with our clients begin with a simple question or an area of curiosity on the business owner’s mind. These conversations can be the seed that eventually germinates into a strategy for success. What are some fantastic conversation starters to explore when working with our team?

  • Why am I unable to find leads qualified to convert into sales for my business? What is holding back our sales programs? Let’s dive into what you might have missed.
  • What can I do to feel like I have control over my business and not vice versa? Ask about our Keystone Boardroom package to explore how to feel in control again.
  • How can I achieve my long-term goals and eventually grow beyond what my business currently offers?

Tips for Getting More Value From a Professional Business Coach

The cost of an entrepreneur coaching program is always a concern for business owners, although we’ve done much to eliminate that concern through our fee policies. However, there’s always an opportunity to extract more value from your investments. How can you do that when you use our skills to coach you on marketing or sales?

  • Fully engage with the process. Be ready to commit the time and energy necessary for some tough conversations and decisions.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions or raise concerns. Remember, this is meant to be a collaborative process. If you have an idea or want to raise a red flag about something, you should always do so — it will make our partnership more productive.
  • Take lessons to heart and start planning for the future. Although we love to foster long-term working relationships with our clients, some will choose to return to operating on their own once they’ve reached more solid ground. Think about your next steps during the coaching process.

Why Our Coaching For Business is Cost-Effective

From the clear examples of success we’ve achieved with our clients as evidenced by our case studies, to our “no results, no fee” policy, Keystone Executive Coaching represents one of the most reliable and trustworthy options for business coaching. When you can begin to explore new solutions and options to take your business to the next level without worrying about bankrupting yourself in the process, new doors open, and opportunities arise. What could be more cost-effective than that? Contact us today to request a consultation and explore which of our small business coaching packages is best suited to meet your needs.

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